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PTPPL is also engaged in the designing and construction of water infrastructure and facilities, in addition to offering consultancy services, especially for desalination and water treatment plants, water distribution and municipal sewerage systems. Our services contribute immensely towards social development of the nation by making water available to all communities.


We offer a comprehensive product range of vehicles and equipment covers every fire fighting and rescue requirement, including specialist vehicles for high risk petroleum & highway rescue sectors.

Our standard vehicles are based on high quality chassis with superstructure specifications that have been developed over many years and can offer the ideal choice for airports, as well as industrial and domestic applications.


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Our services are tailor-made to suit our clients specific requirements, thus matching every demand of our clients and also every related requirements of the individual markets, resulting in a tremendous advantage for our clients.

Our high quality levels, our innovative marketing policy, our well-established relationship and ongoing communication & support with our clients & partners contribute to long lasting relationships and ensuring the continuity of the business.

Clients choose PTPPL because of our unique ability to provide project management consulting solutions they need to match the task at hand. That flexibility means we are a “one-stop shop”, with...

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Our team has demonstrated capability in both hard and soft facility management services – from building systems management, mechanical and electrical plant maintenance to cleaning, waste management, recycling and grounds maintenance.

Construction management in the fields of building construction, civil engineering and infrastructure facilities. It includes services such as the procurement of required materials and site installation, which, from a strategic perspective, ideally complement the construction business before, during and after the building works.

Our services comprises traditional construction business and construction management in the fields of building ...

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PTPPL install, and integrate a full spectrum of airport systems landside systems. We make sure the right systems and technologies are implemented, economically leveraging on clients existing investments, specializing in complex airport and air traffic control systems with particular expertise in project management, consultancy and total turnkey airport solutions.

PTPPL has been expanding as it builds on a reputation of excellence in the quality of its systems and services. What differentiates it from other companies is its unique combination of skills, dedicated staff, expertise it has developed through the numerous prestigious projects it has been awarded and, most importantly,...

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PTPPL's comprehensive approach to integrated water resources development has been implemented successfully in Sri Lanka, resulting in sustainable solutions to meet existing and future demand. As a major player in the water sector, Our objective is to provide clean and safe water to millions of people in Sri Lanka. Our extensive corporate knowledge and experience ensure effective implementation of sustainable solutions tailored for client's unique requirements.

Areas of expertise includes: Surface water and groundwater development, Desalination of seawater and brackish water, Urban and rural water supply systems, Intakes and pumping stations, Water treatment plants, Distribution ...

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Trading principally related to the petroleum industry and range from Crude, Refined Petroleum Products (gas oil, diesel, Jet fuel, oil) and Chemicals for the Petroleum Industry. Although many factors contribute to the development of the company, the key to our growth and success remains the quality and enthusiasm of our employees who endeavor, in the ever fast moving world of oil, to meet and satisfy client requirements with rapidity, professionalism and dedication....

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